Bio for Orlean Koehle

Orlean Koehle has been serving as the State President of Eagle Forum of California since 2002.
She is a former speech/drama/ and journalism teacher, who came back to teaching after raising
her six children and was disturbed at all the changes she saw.  She began researching and writing
to find out where these changes were coming from and why. 
Common Core, The Trojan Horse of Education
answers many questions.



Interview with Orlean Koehle, President, Eagle Forum of CA, Author, "Common Core" - Segment 1
Starts at 2min 50 secs

Orlean is the author of several books:
Looking at Lincoln, the history of Lincoln, Nebraska;
The Golden Rule School, which seeks to bring morals and ethics back into Education and into the schools;
By Stealth and Deception, USA Transformation and its Parallel to the European Union,
which exposes the hidden background of the past 100 years in American history;
Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meter;
and Big Green Lies for Liberties Demise, UN Agenda 21.
Orlean and her husband, Dr. Kurt Koehle, PhD., live on acreage just outside of Santa Rosa, CA.   Kurt is formerly from Southern Germany, where he and Orlean lived for several years when they were first married.  Kurt is serving as an administrator at Sonoma State University.  They have five sons, one daughter, and five grandchildren.